Support Services

Circles of Putnam County - Empowers people to envision and achieve a better future with financial stability. Eligibility: Anyone who has housing and is able to work.  765-719-0973  Contact person: Lori Miller

CASA: Providing trained community volunteers to advocate and be the voice for at-risk children, through the local court systems.  765-653-9342  Contact person: Patti Harmless

Indiana Youth Institute: Supporting the youth services field through innovative trainings, critical data, and capacity building resources, aiming every effort at increasing the well-being of all children.  Eligible to all youth workers.  317- 396-2700  Contact person: Janna Bromm

Clean Slate Center: Substance abuse assistance.  Eligibility: Anyone needing help with opiate or alcohol abuse disorder.  Medication-Assisted Treatment Drug & Alcohol Addiction | CleanSlate (   765-301-3680

Family Support Services of West Central Indiana - Substance abuse Awareness, Education and locate empty beds for those that are ready to get help. Also Facilitator for Support Group Parents of Addicted Loved Ones.  Eligibility: Anyone struggling with addiction or their family or loves ones.   Contact: Sheila Holloway  765-719-0359  Family Support Services of West Central Indiana - Home (