Huffer Memorial Children's Center – Childcare Center located in Muncie, Indiana ( Huffer is committed to providing a quality early childhood education program combined with quality child care services. Understanding developmentally appropriate practices, we have the philosophy that children learn by doing. We believe children learn best when they are relaxed, feel secure, and have a variety of choices available to them. All lesson plans are not only age appropriate but also individually tailored to meet the unique needs of all children in the program. Our role as a quality early childhood education center is to promote the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of each child by building on the children's past experiences and introducing intriguing new hands on experiences daily in our curriculum. HMCC is NAEYC accredited as well as a Ball State University Professional Development School.  Accepting children 6 weeks to 12 years.  Contact Tanya Walden at or 765-289-0409 M-F  730am-5pm

Home - Muncie Community Schools Grades PreK-12 Special Education Services for Muncie Community Schools. Any parent/guardian may make a referral for an evaluation for eligibility.  Contact Jenny Smithson at 765-747-5448 or

Preschool - Muncie Community Schools Children ages 3-5 (priority given to four-year-olds).  Contact Sarah Price at 765-747-5448 or

Yorktown Community Schools Special Education Program -Contact Heather Lucas at 765-524-622 or 

Home - Muncie Community Schools McKinney Vento and ESSA Point of Contact. Homeless students and students in foster care.  Contact Emily Collins at 765-747-5448 or